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Attacca: to move forward and connect

A simple music term that encompasses a musicians greatest asset - to dive forward into their musical pursuits with confidence and a will to connect with themselves and their goals. 

Whether your goal is to get into your school orchestra, write your own music, find a new hobby as an adult, or even pursue music as a career, if you can dream it, we can help you achieve it. 

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What We Offer

Trial Lessons

Try out Attacca's classes worry free and get to know our faculty and our beautiful studio space


Students and parents find great support and inspiration amongst our community through workshops, studio classes, and recitals

Goals and Evaluations

Our faculty put great heart into helping each student to achieve their full potential through regular communication, semi-annual recitals and evaluations

Qualified Instructors

Faculty with degrees from top conservatories and always seeking out professional development

A Caring Approach

Every student is different and we help you to create the system in class and at home to keep your family playing and excelling in music

Diverse Backgrounds

With families/students from Lebanon, to Kenya, to Albania, Ukraine, France, Nicaragua and more, there is a place for you here no matter where you come from

Meet the Directors

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