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Private Cello Lessons

  • 15-17 weekly 1-on-1 lessons 

  • Ages 7 and up

  • 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson length 

  • Parent Participation in class and during at home practice is strongly encouraged for students' progress and enjoyment

  • Semester Schedule:

    • Fall: September-January​

    • Spring: February-June 

    • Summer: flexible scheduling 

  • TUITION: Click here for tuition


Beginning students will be introduced to the foundations of holding their instrument, developing a good bow hold, learning to read music, and build a practice habit at home. 

Audition Preparation

From NEC Prep Orchestra, to the Rivers School Orchestra, District Orchestras, and BYSO, our students have been successfully prepared and placed amongst all the top youth orchestras in Boston.


For late intermediate and advanced students, participate in masterclasses with visiting artists to get expert feedback to broaden your perspectives and learn from the masters!

Chamber Music

Enjoy playing music together with others! Cellists make up an important part of ensemble playing and enjoy a rich repertoire of music. Build your skills and make new friends though Attacca's chamber program!


Interested in Cello Lessons at Attacca?

All new students are required to take a trial lesson so that we can fit you with the best match possible. Start your musical journey today!

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