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2022-2023 Policies


Attacca School of Music adheres to a yearly academic calendar split into 3 semesters.

  • Fall Semester: September-January 

  • Spring Semester: February- June or Weekdays, and 14-16 lessons for Weekends.

  • Summer Semester: July-August 

Weekday Classes include 18 lessons per semester, and Weekend Classes include 14-16 lessons per semester depending on the Fall or Spring calendar and holiday dates.


ASM follows the public school calendar in regards to observed holidays, and there are no lessons during those holidays. The studio calendar will be provided each new academic year with all observed holidays and makeup lesson date options. There are no lessons charged for holiday and these dates are not included in the given number of lessons per semester. 


Enrollment is assumed for the entirety of the academic calendar year you join (Fall and Spring semester). Enrollment is final once we have received your registration form, payment of registration fee, and you have received word from our faculty that they were able to properly place you with a lesson day/time. Your Fall lesson day/time will roll over in to the spring unless there is need for a change. 


For students who enroll later in the semester, your number of lessons and tuition will be prorated appropriately. Delayed semester enrollment requires full payment at time of enrollment. 


  •  Registration (private and chamber) and materials fees are non-refundable upon withdrawal

  •  Fall/Spring withdrawals: prorated refund once your slot is filled. Makeup lessons are forfeited by withdrawing

  •  Summer lessons withdrawals or absences: no refunds 

  •  Chamber withdrawals: prior to 2nd class prorated refund. After 2nd class, no refunds. 

  •  Formal written notice is required for a proper withdrawal. Sudden non-attendance or payment is not considered formal notice and will result in no tuition refunds


  • PRIVATE CLASSES: ONE private lesson student absence per semester will be made up, provided that a teacher is properly notified in advance. Absences past this amount are not eligible for a makeup or tuition refund.

  • CHAMBER CLASSES: there are no makeup lessons for members of a chamber group who miss a rehearsal out of respect to the present group members and chamber coach’s time. Should a chamber group be cancelled by the school, all members will receive a full refund for the classes missed.

  • SUMMER CLASSES: there are no makeup lessons for summer classes. All summer absences are final with no refunds for missed classes.

  • All makeup lessons are held at the end of each semester following the completion of all regular scheduled lessons and do not roll over into the next semester. Should you not be available for the appropriate makeup days in the calendar, you will forfeit your makeups. 

  • Teacher absences will always be made up *if there is a case of emergency or extended sick leave of the teacher and the number of absences exceeds the possibility within a given semester to be made up, tuition for those lessons missed by a teacher will be refunded*

  • Out of respect to our teachers' time, there is no lesson rescheduling done by teachers. Should you need to reschedule a lesson on a given week, please feel free to refer to the student directory to contact another family to arrange a lesson swap. All lesson swaps need to be confirmed with your teacher prior.

  • FOR COVID/SICKNESS CONSIDERATIONS: Should you be available for your lesson time but be COVID positive you may notify your teacher at least 12 hours in advance and request an online lesson format for that given week.


Semi annual recitals will be held at the end of each semester. While students are not required to participate, all students are encouraged to attend and participate to celebrate their achievements.


Evaluations are available for students who express interest. Please contact your teacher for futher details.


Should you arrive late to your lesson, you cannot be guaranteed your full lesson time in respect to the following students' schedules. If you do not notify your teacher of your tardiness in advance and it exceeds 15 minutes, it will be considered a "no show," and subsequently not be eligible for a makeup lesson.


All lessons are held in person at the studio. Format changes of lessons are only valid for COVID related illness or snow days designated by Attacca School of Music.


All students are expected to act in a safe manner while on the grounds of Attacca School of Music. In the event of an emergency, parents are responsible for their children's safety and well being. Attacca School of Music is not responsible for items left or any loss of personal items of students or families. 


Attacca School of Music does not follow any specific school snow day cancellations. We do not offer rescheduling or additional makeup lessons for snow days should they arise. We do instead offer online lessons in the case of winter weather that prevents safe travel to in person lessons. Families who decide to forgo the online lesson offering in case of snow will receive a student absence for that day. 


  • Attacca School of Music reserves the right to use photographs and videos of students for brochures, flyers, websites, and other promotional materials unless we are notified of a preference otherwise by a given family. 

  • Families of Attacca School of Music understand that their email will be included in and shared in the student directory for arranging lesson swaps


  • Attacca School of Music reserves the right to suspend lessons at any point during a semester if said family fails to respectfully interact with faculty, follow the policies of the school, pay tuition that is over one month due. You will receive formal electronically written notification prior to the next lesson or event. 

  • There will be no makeup classes offered to those dismissed from Attacca School of Music 

  • Refunds of pre-paid tuition for dismissed students will be provided at the discretion of ASM and only considered once their slot has been replaced 


  • Trial lessons are not eligible for a refund should you decide to cancel after booking online

  • Trial lessons are subject to schedule change according to individual teacher availability

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