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Violin & Viola

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  • FORMAT: Full semester commitment for in person private weekly 1-on-1 instruction for all ages and levels (30, 45, or 60 minute length). 

  • PARENTS: Participation in class and during at home practice is strongly encouraged for students' progress and enjoyment


    • Fall: September-January​

    • Spring: February-June 

    • Summer: subject to availability

  • TUITION: Click here for tuition

Strings at Attacca

A few of the highlights that our program has to offer

Young students will be introduced to the foundations of holding their instrument, developing a good bow hold, learning to read music, and build a practice habit at home. 

Audition Preparation

From NEC Prep Orchestra, to the Rivers School Orchestra, District Orchestras, and BYSO, our students have been successfully prepared and placed amongst all the top youth orchestras in Boston.

Monthly Studio Class

For late intermediate and advanced students to come together, play for each other, learn how to listen and critique analytically and build a tight knit community of young artists

Personalized Curriculum

We work with you to find a personalized approach and find the right routine for your goals. Whether that's music for enrichment, or preparing for competitions we will be with you every step of the way!


See our Students in Action

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended age to start?

Students should ideally begin private lessons from the age of 5 or 6, but no age is too late to begin. Learning an instrument can bring great fulfillment starting from any age - including adulthood!

How to go about getting an instrument?

Having a well made and properly fitted instrument is essential for string players. There are many sizes of violins and violas, so recommended shops for getting set up are Johnson Strings, and Needham Music. These stores allow both rental and purchasing options!

What other equipment/materials will I need?

Besides their instrument and bow, each student will need a properly fitted shoulder rest, and rosin for their bow. Music books will be chosen by the teacher depending on the level/goals of the student.

Should I be involved as a parent?

For young beginners and new students, parents are strongly encouraged to participate and take notes in classes to be able to assist in at home practicing. As students progress and become more independent, this involvement will turn to more general support.

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