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Registration Information

Attacca School of Music has three semesters in each Academic Year - Fall, Spring, and Summer. Open enrollment allows you to join at any time of the year with a prorated semester based on your starting date.

  • Fall Semester: September-January 

  • Spring Semester: February- June 

  • Summer Semester: July-August 

We currently offer private lessons all 7 days a week, as well as chamber music on weekends.

2024-2024 Weekday Fall and Spring private lessons semesters have 17 lessons, and Weekends have 15 lessons. 

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Private Classes

Whether you are completely new to lessons or are continuing your musical studies with previous experience, we would love to hear from you! 


All newly incoming students should schedule and complete a trial lesson before fully completing the registration process. If you have more specific questions about the registration process or lessons in general please contact us so that we may assist you!

All re-registering returning students should complete registration for the upcoming school year to ensure a continuing spot in a studio. 


Chamber Music 

Enjoying solo lessons and ready to take your playing to the next level​ in a fun and social environment? Our chamber coaches will pair you with players of similar playing experience and ability to enjoy one of the best parts of being a musician - sharing music with others!

Chamber Music is some of the richest and most beautiful in the repertoire! Students will build the tools needed to work as a unit - listening, cueing, communicating - as well as strengthen the skills needed for solo playing - rhythm, timing, pulse, etc. Coaches will help them to harmonize together to bring their pieces to life!

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Performance Hours

Attacca knows the importance of practicing performing! Getting comfortable playing in front of others takes experience and frequency. In addition to semi-annual recitals, we offer frequent performance hours to let students share their progress and build the confidence needed to find comfort on stage.

Performance hours are open to all registered students of Attacca who take weekly lessons, no matter the age or step in their musical pursuits! Should you like to participate, discuss it first with your teacher, and then sign up for the performance hour you'd like to join!

New to Attacca?

Follow the steps below to start your registration process!

Sheet Music and Guitar


Schedule a Trial

New to Attacca?

Book a trial lesson with one of our award winning faculty to find the perfect fit for you. 


Register for the Year

Found the right fit after a trial? Work with your teacher to find the right length of lesson and curriculum to reach your goals!


Explore Options

Happy with your private lessons and looking to expand your musical journey? Try Chamber music, music theory, and more!

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