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Enrollment is assumed for the entirety of the school year you register for (Fall-Spring) and your lesson day/time is reserved for the entire academic year. Assigned lessons times will be decided on a first come first serve basis in conjunction with your registration for all semesters.

Private Lesson Tuition for All Instruments

*please note the above tuition prices are not inclusive of any additional fees*

Your tuition includes:

  • 17 private lessons per semester

  • Semi-annual recitals held in December and May/June

  • Ability to freely register for Performance Hours at Attacca - 4-6 per year

  • Free participation in and attendance to master classes, studio classes, and all guest artist concerts at Attacca

  • A welcoming and like minded community where you can learn music to your goals

Chamber Music Tuition

*please note the above tuition prices are not inclusive of registration fees*

Your tuition includes:

  • 8 classes of 90 minute length - inclusive of both 45 minute student rehearsal and 45 minute coaching 

  • Recital at the end of the program session 

  • Carefully picked repertoire and pairings for a productive and enjoyable experience

  • Coaching sessions with instructors who can give direct corrections and advice for the instrumentation

Registration Fee:

All registration fees save your spot and are non-refundable should you withdraw.

  • Fall/Spring academic yearly fee of $50 per student/$75 per family with multiple students

  • Summer registration is $20 per student/$35 per family with multiple students

Accompaniment Fees: for violin/viola/cello students participating in recitals

  • Accompanying for Suzuki Book 1-3: $50 per student

  • Accompanying for Suzuki Book 4 to Concerto Repertoire: $70 per student

  • Accompanying for Advanced Repertoire and Competitions: $90

    • all accompanying fees are inclusive of 1 rehearsal with piano and recital performance at Attacca School of Music

Piano Materials Fee: a semesterly fee of $30 will apply for piano students. This covers your books, studio materials, maintenance of the school's instruments, and recitals. *If your books should surpass this amount, the student family will be responsible for the difference*

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