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Elias Cottle

Guitar Faculty


Elias Cottle is a Boston based guitarist and music educator with a broad range of stylistic influences ranging from both European and Middle Eastern classical music to contemporary sounds, such as jazz, funk and soul. Using his deep knowledge of music theory and raw inspiration he has been able to amalgamate these styles into something uniquely his own. Music has always been an extremely important influence on his life. He was raised by a mother who was a singer, and a father who worked professionally as both a singer and blues and rock guitarist. In his younger years his musical education was much less formal than most. He relied mostly on conversations and listening recommendations from his parents. This ultimately led Elias to pursue a degree in jazz guitar performance from the University of Southern Maine. There Elias played jazz guitar, which eventually led him to discover his love for classical guitar. Shortly thereafter he began his in depth study of the genre.

Teaching Philosophy:

With over 12 years of experience Elias has a teaching style built entirely around the specific needs and interests of his students. Although some techniques are more commonly used, he believes there is no effective "cookie cutter" method to teaching, especially when a student truly wants to expand, or develop their love of music. He firmly believes that the desire to develop on a technical level and advance as a musician/artist originates from having fun and a genuine love of the process.


University of Southern Maine Portland, Maine

Bachelors of Music: Jazz Guitar

Elias Cottle
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