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Summer Private Classes

3 Minimum

July 10th - August 31st



  • AGE: 5+

  • LEVELS: Complete beginner-advanced

  • COST:

    • 30 Minutes: $50 per class

    • 45 Minutes: $70 per class

    • 60 Minutes: $90 per class


    • July 10th-August 31st

  • SCHEDULE: Mondays-Satudays, morning/afternoon/evening

    • Availability is subject to individual studio instructors schedules

  • REQUIREMENTS: Must have an instrument for at home practice of assignments

Continue your private lesson study this summer to keep up your skills! The summer semester is the perfect way to not only maintain what you've worked hard on during the academic year, but also try out new styles or genres that you may be interested in. Our non-consecutive lesson flexible system allows for music to still happen while freely enjoying travels and vacations during the summer season!

Summer Private Lessons are perfect for:

  • Students who want to maintain their skills and start strong in the next year

  • Try out new genres, styles, or concepts that they are interested in 

  • Students interested in a few lessons with other faculty members

  • Families who need a flexbile schedule for vacations and travels

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