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Guitar Faculty at Attacca

Sergej Root

Acoustic, Electric Guitar, and Ukelele Faculty

Sergej Root is a double platinum award winning music producer from Germany. His teaching style goes beyond music scales and technique. 


His journey began at 12 years, when he picked up the guitar and directly fell in love with it. Playing for almost 10 years in a band helped him understand and finetune his craft in a holistic way. After graduating at the ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten (Netherlands) with a Bachelor's of music, he worked with the famous German music producer Peter "Jem" Seifert and produced well-known artists and bands for several years.


He loves to teach his knowledge to the upcoming musicians no matter what age they are. 


Bachelors of Music

Music Production, Composition, and Performance

ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten

Enschede, Netherlands

Aaron Clarke

Guitar Faculty

Aaron Clarke is a Boston based composer, performer, educator, and administrator.

Active in various musical pursuits, he maintains associations with loadbang, Radius Ensemble, Daniel Sonenberg, and the jazz-rock quartet AHHA, of which he is a founding member. As an educator, he draws from his varied musical background to tailor lessons to each student's pace and needs, be it performance, theoretical comprehension, or composition and songwriting.

Clarke is Assistant Director for Longy’s Divergent Studio, a new music summer program, and is also Manager for Academic Operations at Longy, where he is the Accompanying Coordinator. Aaron is currently in planning stages for the premiere of his opera Ambition Countering Ambition, and is working with his group AHHA to release their full-length debut album later this spring, The Event Has Been Cancelled.

Aaron Headshot.jpg


Bachelors of Music

Music Composition and minor in political science

Masters of Music

Music Composition

University of Southern Maine

Portland, Maine

Longy School of Music

Cambridge, Massachusetts

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